Who’s Hawk?

Created in 2013, Hawk is a leading European actor in omnichannel digital communication, combining media activations across all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, audio, DOOH, TV, In-Game, and Metaverse).

Through its proprietary technological platform, Hawk offers its clients a range of innovative and high-performing media solutions, from Branding to Drive-to-Store.

The company currently has over 130 employees, with offices in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium, including an integrated creative studio.

As part of its Carboncut project, which aims to better measure and optimize the carbon footprint generated by its clients' advertising activities, across all channels, Hawk approached DK.


Hawk has encountered several challenges in helping media agencies and advertisers to respond to the climate emergency and build more sustainable advertising:

  •  Measurement: Accurately measuring the carbon footprint of advertising campaigns proved to be complex due to the variety of calculation tools and available methodologies. Hawk needed to work with a partner capable of doing so for any media or digital channel while adhering to industry standards and established methodologies, including those of ADEME and the Association Bilan Carbone.

  • Reduction: To decrease the weight of advertisers' creative assets without compromising the user experience, Hawk required access to an eco-design measurement solution.

  • Optimization: Lastly, Hawk aimed to deliver its clients' campaigns on inventories with a lower carbon footprint.

Solution and Results

Thanks to DK's solution and its integrated creative studio, Hawk was able to develop a new program that encompassed both measuring the carbon footprint of the campaign, optimizing the creative assets, while selecting the least energy-intensive environments and paths.

For example, in a 100% mobile and video display campaign conducted through Open Auction, Hawk managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 47% while maintaining the quality of the advertising experience for the user.

Customer testimonial

As a preferred partner of media agencies and advertisers, it was evident for us to build a comprehensive solution that promotes more responsible advertising. The DK platform quickly emerged as the best partner to accompany us in this direction, with a simple and efficient user-interface, enabling the measurement of any omni-channel plans. Additionally, it was also important for us to support a high-qualitative French initiative like this one.

Geoffrey Fossier Chief Marketing Officer

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