Part of IAB Europe's Mapping of Greenhouse Gas Estimation Solutions

3 steps to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of your communications and advertising.

  • Creation

    Eco-design starts from the briefing phase! Challenge your specifications by incorporating key elements to reduce the carbon impact of your media plans , based on your objectives

  • Production

    Manage your suppliers to ensure that your carbon emissions reduction objectives apply to photo or video shoots, and website and landing page design.

  • Planning & Delivery

    Measure and control emissions before, during or after on-line & off-line distribution. Our solution gives you access to carbon data either on our platform or directly in your own tools via API.

Measure, manage and reduce CO2e emissions of your online & offline advertising.

Decarbonize your digital campaigns

Carbon impact throughout the entire chain, regardless of the channel and formats. Taking into account the purchasing mode ( Insertion Order/ Programmatic / Guaranteed Programmatic / Open...), format types ( banner size, Instream/Outstream), weight of the creative, and vievability rate. APIs are available to integrate data from your tools (adservers) and optimize your campaingns from a carbon perspective.

DK takes into account

  • Design
  • Production
  • Distribution/Delivery

The solution selected by every FR radio owner

Measurement of the carbon footprint of your radio and audio advertisements (expressed in tCO2e) chosen by the Bureau de la Radio, taking into account advertising space allocation, distribution, and advertisement broadcasting (relay antennas, digital/audio streaming, live streaming, etc.), as well as spot consumption by listeners. Distinction between Direct Deal and programmatic.

DK takes into account

  • Design
  • Production
  • Distribution

Newsapers, magazines and stationery

Estimate the carbon emissions of your ads printed in newspapers and magazines. Also evaluate the carbon footprint of your business cards, correspondence, flyers, brochures, and letterheads. With just a few clicks, incorporate print quality, paper composition, and necessary transportation, and export the data as a PDF or csv.

DK takes into account

  • Design
  • Production
  • Distribution

Exclusive solution for TV broadcasters

A reference framework for life cycle analysis in line with ADEME recommendations and compatible with the digital foundation of SRI. Measures campaigns based on their distribution (IPTV, OTT, Satellite TNT), the number of spot broadcasts, their duration, and the specific TV audience characteristics.

DK takes into account

  • Desigb
  • Production
  • Distribution

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More about us and DK's methodology

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A platform developed with trusted third parties

  • Reliability and Transparency of data and methodology

    The ACV engineers team at DK works with data provided by the official source of each media source, following the guidelines of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the Bilan Carbone Association regarding carbon emissions.

  • For a more responsible industry

    To reduce our footprint and ensure ecological transition, DK relies on solutions recommended by leading labels. To support agencies and advertisers in their ecological transition for their audiovisual activities, we have chosen the EcoProd label


Why calculate the carbon emissions of my ad campaigns?

Start by measuring the carbon emissions of each online & off-line campaign. If you don't know how big the carbon footprint of each of your campaigns are, then you won't know how to lower your impact

What type of media does DK support?

All of them! DK is the only company to offer a measurement tool for all media, on and off-line. Our analyses cover Radio, Print, Linear TV, CTV, Digital, Social Networks (Meta/FB, Tiktok, Youtube), E-mailing and Outdoor.

What is programmatic ?

Programmatic advertising is an automated digital advertising buying process. It takes place through technological platforms that enable real-time connections between sellers and buyers of ad space, with targeting capabilities based on the environment, user profile, geolocation, time of day, and more.

How does DK's carbon analysis work?

DK offers a tool incorporating data from the frameworks developed by the trade bodies of each media, following the Bilan Carbone methodology. Unlike other companies, DK has designed its solutions to minimize the carbon footprint of the measurement.

In which geographical areas can DK be activated?

Our calculator was originally designed for use in France, but can be used in any other country, provided we are familiar with its practices regarding the storage, distribution and use of advertising (Life Cycle Analysis).

What is LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and what does it refer to?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the most advanced evaluation tool for a comprehensive, multi-criteria approach to environmental impact. LCA lists and quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions generated by advertising, taking into account storage (servers), distribution (networks) and use (terminals) for each of the media whether TV, Print, Digital or Radio

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