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Help you reduce and manage the carbon impact of your ad campaigns

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1,5% Aviation, 1,95% Communication, 4% Déchets

Comparaison des émissions de CO2e en France :

  • Aviation 1,5%

  • Communication 1,95%

  • Déchets 4%

The observation in communication

Communication is responsible for 1.95%

of CO2e emissions in France in 2020.

Our solution for a sustainable marketing

Easily activate carbon reports

Measure, reduce and manage the carbon impact of your ads

Our Saas platform enables advertisers, media owners, agencies and adtech to calculate the carbon footprint of online & offline campaigns.

Once measured, the carbon impact must be reduced. Several hundred recommendations are included in our tool. Carbon audit reports can be easily exported, providing high-quality extra-financial figures to net zero.

  • Analyze your campaigns

    Based on the data of your campaign, our solution allows you to work out the carbon footprint of your TV, Audio, Print and Digital campaigns, so that you can assess the environmental impact of your advertising activities.

  • Get your metrics

    In one click, filter the data per channel (Print, Audio, TV, Digital, ...), per campaign or client and find key data to manage your campaigns and eliminate their negative environmental impacts.

  • Get ad net zero tips.

    Our platform gives you access to green tips which allow you to act on the whole value chain, both at the production and at the delivery levels.


A platform built with trusted third parties

  • Reliable and transparent data and methodology

    Our carbon engineers work with the data provided by the official trade associations of each media, and the carbon emissions guidelines of ADEME and Association Bilan Carbone(R).

  • For a more sustainable industry

    To reduce the footprint and ensure the green transition, DK relies on solutions recommended by leading labels. For TV and Video production, we have partnered with EcoProd to help agencies and brands on their climate transition.

Case studies

Great results

  • 60% of the top 10 public media groups

    put their trust in us

    ACPM, mai 2023

  • Easy to use

    quick and intuitive

  • Reliable and accurate


Embrace sustainability and lessen your carbon footprint starting today.

Schedule an appointment with one of our team members to learn more about our tool and get a free audit!


Why calculate the carbon emissions of my communication campaigns?

We differentiate ourselves through our fair economic model, both for clients and independent workers. Indeed, we refuse to play the game of Uberization and build our platform on a commission-based model (between 10%-15% with hidden fees)

How does the software calculate the carbon footprint of a print campaign?

For a print communication or marketing campaign (flyers, leaflets, posters, etc.), DK calculates the carbon impact as follows:

  • Design: Considering the carbon impact of the visual design, format, and medium by the creative teams. Example of elements taken into account: the carbon impact of one hour of a graphic designer's work and three hours of a salesperson's work for creating a flyer.

  • Printing: Accounting for the complete carbon impact of the printing process, including paper, offset plates, ink, electricity, and packaging.

  • Transportation: Taking into account the transportation of paper to the printer, from the printer to the hub (if there is one, defined in the support parameters), and from the hub to the distribution location.

What is programmatic ?

Programmatic advertising is an automated digital advertising buying process. It takes place through technological platforms that enable real-time connections between sellers and buyers of ad space, with targeting capabilities based on the environment, user profile, geolocation, time of day, and more.

Pourquoi calculer les émissions de carbone de mes campagnes de communication ?

Nous nous différencions par notre modèle économique équitable autant pour les clients que les indépendants. En effet, nous refusons de jouer le jeu de l’ubérisation et de construire notre plateforme sur un modèle à commission (entre 10%-15% avec les frais cachés).

How is the data calculated? Is it based on completion time or on video display time?

The carbon weight of your display campaign will be that of the total time viewed by users. To do this, we use the average completion time you provide us, which we index proportionally on the LCA of user devices.

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