366: The 1st adnetwork to address sustainable advertising

366 is an alliance dedicated to the commercialization of local advertising representing leading Regional Daily Press, audio and video inventories, and local televisions. This includes no less than 55 titles that daily distribute over 3 million copies of printed newspapers. In addition to this impressive print activity, 366 also holds a strong position in the digital domain, with nearly 60 news applications and websites to market, attracting around 10 million unique visitors daily. Moreover, the agency provides video content for over 200 thematic and news sites, totaling approximately 800 million monthly views. 366 is also responsible for the monetization of 18 local television channels and audio inventories.

In June 2021, 366 became the first French agency to be awarded by the Positive Company label. As part of this commitment, 366 has a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and initiatives

366 challenges

366 has an ambitious project aimed to reduce its carbon footprint. This project, spanning from 2020 to 2023, represents a significant challenge in terms of social and environmental responsibility and is divided into three steps:

The first step, characterized by the goal of uniting everyone internally, involved the collaboration of 13 groups with a total of 20,000 employees. This stage was carefully structured through joint audits that fostered internal engagement.

The second phase focused on assessing the real impact of advertising distribution and gaining a comprehensive understanding of it. 366 developed an innovative carbon calculator, designed by DK, which precisely modeled the specific environmental footprint of both printed and digital media.

The third phase was dedicated to creating and promoting advertising offers based on the knowledge and tools developed in the previous phases, providing brands with low-carbon options for video and display campaigns

DK's approach and solution

DK has developed a carbon calculator that enables a detailed evaluation of the carbon emissions generated by 366's press activities and digital platforms. This carbon calculator provides reliable and comprehensive data to understand the specific environmental footprint of each media outlet and facilitates the identification of areas where improvements can be made.

With the APIs developed by DK, 366 not only has a tangible means to measure its environmental impact but also has tools to implement continuous optimization strategies. The platform offers a toolbox of solutions to reduce the environmental impact, either through eco-design or by streamlining the dissemination of messages. These solutions allow 366 to actively work towards minimizing its carbon footprint while achieving more sustainable practices.


  • Analysis of multiple factors contributing to carbon emissions.

  • Implementation of optimizations to reduce the carbon footprint. Optimizations across various multiplier factors led, for example, to a 62% reduction in the carbon impact of a programmatic pre-roll campaign (20 million impressions).

  • Creation of low-carbon advertising offers for video and display.

Customer testimonial

We are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and to innovate further in providing advertising solutions that align with our environmental values.

Bruno Ricard Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Studies, and Communication at 366.

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